Git and Github commands

Does anyone have the correct commands for fetching the 3.11 beaglebone kernel tree from Github?
I’ve been messing around with it for a couple of days now, and for some reason I can’t clone
a full tree, though I sometimes get a set of patches.

Thanks - Will

I can't speak for Koen, but I would imagine that the 3.11 github tree is under _heavy_ development, so that may be why you're not getting something that is working.

The general gist should be:

git clone address
git checkout -b 3.11 origin/3.11

That's from the top of my head so, make sure that branch names etc are correct.


Thanks, but I’d hoped that overlayfs would be part of 3.11, and apparently it isn’t. The next trick is to work out how to add overlayfs patches to 3.8.13 - git’s interface really is a nightmare.