Gnash and OpenGL on OMAP3530

Hi all,

i am using gnash-fb of OE so it is a gnash 0.8.5 in frame buffer
mode : with AGG renderer.

It has many difficulties (more than predicted) to run the GUI of my
project... So I would like to optimize somethings.

As the OMAP3530 has OpenGL ES 2.0 support, Gnash could be compiled
with OpenGL renderer instead of AGG, but not on FB mode, only in GTK
with X server. My question is simple : adding X server just to obtain
the hardware acceleration would it be a good thing to test ? or the
global performance will suffer ?

Also, I read a lot of documentation about using the DSP of OMAP3 with
gst plugin, but would gnash will be able to use it ? I don't thinks

If somebody have idea about this, it can save me many testing time.

Of course, I will post here my tests result to profit the community
(as I did for touchscreen in gnash).

Thanks for any help.