GOESTOOLS running on Beaglebone Black Wireless

Hello, Has anyone here used
on a beaglebone black board? GOESTOOLS is a software defined tool for receiving weather satellite images from NOAA weather satellites. I am a hobbyist that has setup a working, but temporary setup to receive these images. The software is in 2 parts, goesrecv and goesproc. These two parts can run on different machines on a network. My intention is to run goesrecv on the beagle in a sealed enclosure at the dish and broadcast over the network to packets that are received. Currently I have both pieces of software running on a raspberry pi4. On the Pi4 there are no packet drops reported from goesrecv. There is a 10 foot or so USB cable running to a USB hub at the dish that connects to an SDR device. IF the cable is connected to the Pi the setup works pretty well. When I unplug the cable from the Pi and plug it into the baglebone and run goesrecv on the beaglebone I am getting dropped packets from goesrecv. I have tried adjusting the gain in the goesrecv setup file with no real change. I have tried different power supplies for the beagleboard-at one time running the beagle off a linear regulator connected to lead acid batteries to try to rule out power issues. Tonight I tried adjusting the beagle CPU frequency using this command: sudo cpufreq-set -f 300mhz. When I did this the dropped packets went down to 1-2, from 4-5 at the default. The drops needs to be 0. This is my longshot post to see if anyone has ever used a beagle for this type of thing. I would really like to make this work-I bought the beagle for this project and would like to not spend an additional $50 on yet another Pi. Besides that, there are some really nice features to the beagle. I really like the barrel connector for power, and I really like the wire antennas for networking. When it is setup the way I would like it to be networking will be going through a brick wall which attenuates wireless signals a bit. If I use a Pi out there I need to try to figure out how to get all the heat the Pi generates out of the enclosure. Which leads me to the last item I like about the beagle-it runs nice and cool. Incidentally, on both the Pi and the beagle I compiled goestools from source. I am using the IOT image from the beagle website and interacting with the beagle through ssh.

If anyone out there has done this I would appreciate any pointers. Also if anyone knows of a way to lower the cpu frequency from 300MHz that would be an interesting thing to try. If that ends up working how do you make the slower cpu speed persist between reboots?

I have tried posting in the geostationary weather satellite group on facebook and my attempts at contacting the author of goestools have not been fruitful.