Good small (e.g. 7 to 10 inch) displays for BBB

I'm after a small display to use with a BBB, as in one that can display
the Debian/Linux desktop as I want to be able to run the BBB
standalone rather than via network and ssh (which is what I normally

Low[ish] power is important too.

Any particular recommendations? Direct from China type stuff is
perfectly OK as I can wait and the prices are usually good. I just
want to know that it's compatible.

I have had good luck with the 4D systems capes. You will find that with any LCD display like this the power requirements are pretty high, however. Most of the power is for the backlight. You might be able to find a LED backlit system, but that will likely be more money.

Don't really want a cape, just a monitor to plug into the HDMI.


The only one I’ve seen really is the one here: But perhaps if too pricey , or not the right resolution for you. Maybe you can search around a bit and find a better price, or different resolution ?

That's the sort of thing I'm after. I've found cheaper on AliExpress

seed has one too for what looks like ~$49 resolution is lower though i think 800x600. Plus ist’s two pieces. The LCD and a converter / power board.

Actually it’s 1366x728 res. Not sure if the BBB can do that res or not.

Ah, be wary of that monitor you’re looking at on aliexpress . .


Which is it ? Both ?

I don't really care all that much! :slight_smile: