GPIO and SPI with Android

Post subject says it all. The following are my current questions. Any and all help is appreciated.


Does anyone have experience enabling spidev in the kernel? If so, how did you go about doing it?

Once spidev is enabled and the pins are free for SPI communication, how do I control this through an Android application? I can write in C through the NDK using JNI. Do I just use the read() writed() spidev functions from there?


Will I have to modify the pin muxing in board header in the U-Boot source and rebuild so there are no kernel conflicts? If so are there any instructions on how to do that? I found this page ( describing how to do this from userspace. Anyone know if that method works/should work?


Regarding enabling SPI I guess this one gives you some pointers:
I was using rowboat. I assume you do so too?

As far as I have read, you should be able to use the NDK for the whole ioctrl stuff needed to access spidev and make it through this path available to your android app.

At least that's what I will try to do the next few weeks...


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