gpio_request_by_name IS UNDEFINED IN UBOOT SOURCE

hi everyone, when i doing led control in uboot on beaglebone black i have an problem that the gpio_request_function is deprecated in new source code uboot so please tell me how to fixed it and what is another function that i can use to request gpio in uboot

Here is error:

/home/vietduc/work/beagle_bone_black/gcc-11.3.0-nolibc/arm-linux-gnueabi/bin/arm-linux-gnueabi-ld.bfd: drivers/demo_led/demo_led.o: in function led_gpio_probe': /home/vietduc/work/beagle_bone_black/u-boot/drivers/demo_led/demo_led.c:56: undefined reference to gpio_request_by_name’
make[1]: *** [scripts/Makefile.spl:527: spl/u-boot-spl] Error 1
make: *** [Makefile:2053: spl/u-boot-spl] Error 2

nếu ông clone bản uboot new từ denx thì bản đó bị lỗi đó ông, ông lấy của digikey cho BBB rồi chỉnh sửa lại

Translation from

If you clone the new uboot version from denx, that version has an error. You can take it from digikey for BBB and then edit it again.

hi a, em có dùng bản 2020 thì ok, có vẻ như cái hàm gpio_request_by_name kia ko còn dùng được trong code mới nữa. A cho e xin link với ạ