GPIO060 and GPIO_60 are different on BeaglePocket and BBBlack?


I have same code, that make pin GPIO_60 toggled as well on BB Black.
But it doesn’t work on BeaglePocket.

On pinout, BBBlack say GPIO_60, and BeaglPocket is GPIO060. Any one know how are they different?

on BBB

on PocketBeagle


Thank for the help!


There’s neither GPIO060 nor GPIO_60. Instead there’re four GPIO subsystems [0-3] each one controlling 32 lines [0-31].

Both pins (P9_12 on BBB, P2_08 on Pocket) are connected to CPU ball 0x1E, and that’s controlling line 28 on GPIO-1 subsytsem in GPIO mode. There’s no hardware difference.

Which code do you use to toggle the GPIO? (Did you try libpruio?)

I am using dotnet, those code below will toggle P9_12 as well on BBB. But it doesn’t on PocketBeagle.

var pinLed = 60;

var gpio = new GpioController();

gpio.OpenPin(pinLed, PinMode.Output);

bool ledOn = true;

var count = 0;

while (true)

	Console.WriteLine("count = " + count++);

	gpio.Write(pinLed, ((ledOn) ? PinValue.High : PinValue.Low));
	ledOn = !ledOn;

If I changed to pin to 48 on BBB, then P9_15 will be togged.

I also control gpio60 by command line as below:


But doesn’t work on PokectBeagle.

I got gpio60 working.