GPIO44 (P24) Not working first time when restart

I have write code for my project in that code operate GPIO 44, High-Low operation.

When I restart pocket beaglebone and execute code GPIO 44 Voltage level remaining 1.7V (Not operate properly).

Then stop execution and again execute code GPIO 44 Voltage level 3.3V and 0 V operate properly.

What is issue with GPIO44 on every restart it’s not giving High-Low operation properly.

Debian Version 9.2.

More info for better understanding.

Debian version : 9.2,
Pocket beaglebone : Rev A2
Compiler : arm-cortexa8-linux-gnueabihf

GPIO 44 value not changing for the first time execution I have checked with multimeter.
GPIO 44 value changes properly when I stop Execution and run it for second time.

Screen shot for executing code for first and second time:

There is no error first and second time displayed.

Code Snippet where I operate GPIO:

* Function Name: gpio_export

Since you use the /sys filesystem, you can play with it from the command prompt. What happens when you reboot and do the sequence
echo 44 > /sys/class/gpio/export

echo out > /sys/class/gpio/gpio44/direction

echo 1 > /sys/class/gpio/gpio44/value

Does it still not work for the first time?
That’s how I would debug this : find a reliable mode of operation by playing with shell scripts and then implent it in C.