GPMC Parallel NOR boot using BeagleBone Black and then programming FPGA on Logi Bone V2

Hi Gerald,

Few days back I had started a thread regarding GPMC Parallel NOR boot using BeagleBone Black. Finally with the help of the community support and specially you, I could come up with a schematic of a cape as attached in this post once again just for reference which will be connected to BBB expander. Here we want the BBB to boot from NOR Flash U2 and then execute our application code which is in U3. The major / first function of the application code on U3 will be to program an external FPGA for which we plan to use LOGI BONE V2. Programming interface may be a serial interface.

This is a small learning exercise that we want to do for future developments with minimum cost.

Now I want to enquire the following:-

  1. If we consider only BBB and LOGI BONE V2, whether BBB will be able to program through Serial Interface the Spartan 6 FPGA on LOGI BONE V2? Has some one done the same or some idea on this? I can see SPI1 interface coming on the expander of BBB.

  2. Can I connect BBB, My Cape and LOGI BONE V2 together? What can be the cares that may have to be taken apart from a slightly messy mechanical attachment? I can power Logi Bone V2 through a separate supply and may be only connect the pins such as ground and Serial Interface for programming and remove header where my cape clashes with Logi Bone V2. Any more hints or ideas?

Any help in this will be highly appreciated…


I have already responded. You Are missing the CS signal for the top memory device.


Hi gerald,

please check it is a different query. you may not have read my full post…

I stand corrected. My apologies
I have no answer for you.


Thanks Gerald.