GPMC pin connections on BeagleBone Black

could you please explain why are the GPIO pins shorted together on pages 3 and 4 of the BBB schematics? What will be the impact of disconnecting these pins and using them for something else than they are used now? Is the CPU communication some information to itself using these pairs of GPIO pins?

  1. Page 3, balls R13 and T13 (pins GPIO2_2 and GPIO1_16).

  2. Page 4, balls B12 and C18 (pins GPIO3_18 and GPIO0_7).

Additionally, on page 3 the output from U16 is connected to S1, which can be momentarily grounded. Is there risk of damaging the U16 while pressing the S1?

Thank you – Wojtek

Yes. That is to add additional optional functions to the pins on the connectors. It is explained in the System Reference Manual.