Graphic environment display problem on Beaglebone black

I apologize in advance for my ignorance, but wanting to drive a cnc I bought a black beaglebone.
I downloaded the official iso from "Stretch ImgTec (with Imagination Technologies 3D developer kit) for BeagleBone via microSD card

  • AM3358 Debian 9.12 2020-04-06 4GB SD ImgTec "
    I mounted it on an SD with Etcher and then on a beaglebone. During installation, I observed the beaglebone with an LCD from the HDMI output: no errors, the LEDs flashed correctly and eventually turned off. I removed the SD and restarted beaglebone: I expected to enter a graphical environment to be able to use Machinekit but I always get my username / password. I’m definitely doing something wrong. Could you kindly give me a suggestion?

The ImgTec images doesn’t have a graphical environment as we don’t have a X11 driver for SGX…

That image has all the libraries from Imagination for EGL/etc… So think qt and wayland…


Thank you for your suggestion. I searched and found an ISO on the net that allowed me to get the desired result. Now I have to study Machinekit and understand how to connect Beaglebone pins to the components of my CNC.
Thank you very much.