Graphics accelerator on Pocket Beagle

Hi all,

I notice that the pocket beagle has a ‘3D graphics accelerator’ listed on its specification (from my understanding it’s the same as the accelerator found in the full sized Bealgebone). However, looking at the system reference for the pocket beagle, I notice that there are only a few pins labeled as ‘lcd_xx’ - not enough to connect to a screen to do 16 or 24 bpp. From searching the internet the only screens that seem to be available are small I2C/SPI driven ones.

My question is 2 fold - can a pocket beagle be used to display graphics on a screen over a 16 or 24 bpp connection? If not, why has a 3d accelerator been included in the device if it can’t be connected to a large screen - is there some other purpose for it?

Thank you in advance for your help.

The PocketBeagle was not designed to output to any 16/24 bpp
screen's.The 3d accelerator just outputs to memory and can be dma's to
any output.


Hi Robert,

Thanks for the information, I was hoping there would be a pin mapping to allow output to all the required LCD connections but never mind (I’ll have to stick to the regular Beaglebone).

Out of interest, are there any examples you know of showing me how to do the output via DMA that you mention?



The linux drm layer already handles that..