GSoC 2010: Handheld Laboratory

Hello everyone, i'm Edgar an Electronic Engineering student in

I found this project idea really interesting for developing it at GSoC
this year

The project description is not very specific, my idea is to start the
project developing a oscilloscope capable of measuring at least 1Mhz
signals and a FFT spectrum analyzer using the OMAP's DSP.

I'm looking for some feedback a possible mentor for this project.


Mentors!!!! Are you responding off-line directly to the student? It
would be great if you can let the student know even that you aren't
interested and why so that they can adjust their proposal. Better to
be the wrong mentor that is engaged than the right mentor on the
sidelines without any contact with the student.

Hi Jason and Edgar,

Sorry for not responding to you proir to now - In generalt I find a project like this very fun and appealing. Being a new mentor (my first year at GSoC) I however find it a bit difficult ot judge if a project is fulfilling the requirement for GSoC (which - together with far too much work - is why I haven’t responded to any requests yet). Sorry about this.

@Jason: Do you have any link telling what are the requirments for a project and how is the process normally going? I have tried to follow the mails on the different GSOC lists best possible, but being new to GSoc I’t unfortunately still a bit blurry for me.I doubt that the fact that I find the project relevant and fun is enough?

@Edgar: With respect to the proposal: As said I find it very fun/interesting and useful, but I as well find it very challenging both doing HW, DSP code and bringing up a BeagleBoard Platform and build environment (in case of no prior knowledge) within the timeframe. Could you please elaborate a little on you background and knowledge and about how you would see this project evolve during the GSoC timeframe? What are the goals at the different stages and what are the chances (and why) of reaching them?

Best regards and (@Jason: thanks for helping me forward in order for me to hopefully help others forward :-))

2010/4/9 Jason Kridner <>