GSoC 2010: Linux kernel improvements

I checked the GSoC/Ideas page, and this really looks like what I want
to do as a GSoC.
The subject I'd like to choose is "MUSB enhancements", and I may also
work on Power managment if get the time to do so.

I'm currently in 5th year at Epitech, and as the maintainer of the
ACPI4Asus project ( I got some background in
kernel development. I also worked on MTD and UBIFS last year, and
wrote some nand drivers (for WinCE).

I never worked on USB (and MUSB/OTG), but I see that as a good
occasion to learn something new in kernel area.

Still, I've got some questions. Why is this issue still here ? Just
because nobody took the time to fix it ? Or is the PHY hard to work
with ? How would you rate the difficulty of this project ?

My timezone is GMT+1 (Lyon, France), who would be the best mentor for
this subject ?

About the "USB device audio support", it seems like drivers/usb/gadget/
audio.c already exists, maybe the idea needs to be updated to explain
what need to be done for beagle board.


Some of the ideas are not really well worked out. USB device audio
afaik fully works so not sure why it is there. Same thing holds for

(and to get to your original Q). There are still some issues with USB.
Never peeked into it myself.
E.g. I still question why my hauppauge wintv pvr is recognized when
already inserted when the beagle boots, but hangs is a reset after
loading the firmware when it is plugged in afterwards.