GSoC 2010: Smart Energy Monitoring Console

I want to present my implementation idea and get some reviews on my
entry for GSoC. I have chosen Smart Energy Monitoring Console: The
ZigBee Smart Energy profile is a wireless standard for utility
companies and consumers to securely monitor and manage home energy
consumption by communicating directly with smart appliances that
report their power usage. By interfacing the Beagle Board to an MCU
and RF transceiver monitoring the energy consumption of a home and
it's appliances, the Beagle Board could act as a dedicated terminal to
track and control energy usage of power hungry devices

I am a Computer Engineering Student at the university of Texas of
Dallas with 2+ yrs work experience in Embedded Software development.

My Profile:

any comment or suggestions will be very helpful and I am also on the
lookout for a mentor.

Description of my project:

my plan is to come up with an efficient and low cost Energy
monitoring. This is something i have been working from my senior year
project. With the growth of energy thirsty population, smart energy
management, atleast at the domestic level is very essential.
My plan is to create a wireless Home Area Network (HAN) with multiple
nodes communicating in a full duplex manner. As suggested in the
Beagleboard GSoC idea I plan to stick to Zigbee protocol. ZigBee was
developed by the ZigBee Alliance, a world-wide industry working group
that developed standardized application software on top of the IEEE
802.15.4 wireless standard. Open standards provide true
interoperability between systems.ZigBee Smart Energy offers utility
companies secure, easy-to-use wireless home area networks (HAN) for
managing energy. Smart Energy gives utilities and their customers the
power to directly communicate with thermostats and other smart

Each Zigbee node in HAN would measure the power consumed by the
appliance and the appliance is controlled by the node. I plan to
implement a control unit with a beagleboard interfaced with a RF
transceiver. The Control unit will a run a smart energy management
algorithm. The entire network will operate in a master slave manner,
wherein the control unit being the master.Since the beagleboard can be
connected to a network, the critical parameters of the algorithm
(Power tariff, cost, etc) can be changed on the run.

The advantage of this idea/project is that energy consumption trends
can be measured, we can get details and manage power hungry appliances
very efficiently.

I plan to do the nodes implementation on C and the control unit
implementation on C++ (I can be more flexible and modularize my