GSoC 2014 idea

hi, guys:

This is Zhang Tianlei, a PHD candidate of Computer Science, Tsinghua University @BeiJing, China.

I’ve spend most of my time building Intelligent System. We’ve built a driveless car that has already passed the highway test and now we are target at urban environment. I designed the software and hardware architecture, using ROS and Ubuntu, I use OpenCV a lot…on Lane and Traffic Sign detection modules.

So my idea is that could we use BeagleBoard Black to build a educational tiny version of that expensive research car and teach kids about autonomous driving staff?

here are some example based on X86 framework:

We’ve done a little bit work at high schools and lecture hall back at china, it’s well accepted.


Looks like a neat project. The BBB might have enough power, it depends on what you want it to do.


yea I’ve tested it on pi and the whole system just worked with no problem

ps: do you know by any chance that what should I do to get involved with GSoC of BB, whom should I talk to for my idea?

在 2014年2月27日星期四UTC+8下午11时05分24秒,Mark A. Yoder写道:

Sorry I missed this. For getting involved in GSoC, join the!forum/beagleboard-gsoc
list for the most up-to-date information. There are some other helpful
links at Unfortunately, deadline for new
project proposals are well past, but it is still possible to get
involved and help students succeed with their existing project
proposals--and also a bit of room for refinement.