GSOC 2014 - MMC-DMA-Linux-performance Week 2

Week 2 Progress:

  • What has been accomplished?:

    • Comparison between NVIDIA Tegra, Freescale iMx and TI Omap MMC driver stack for linux kernel.
    • Identified limitation of OMAP TI MMC Hardware which makes it difficult for SDHCI compliance.
    • Identified modifications in present Omap MMC driver stack to make it work with kernel sdhci stack.
  • Issues:

    • Clocks and register memory mapping of OMAP does not simply match to those of SDHCI. Many tweaks would be needed.
  • Plans for the next period (this is a list of tasks for the author):

  • Get a minimal SDHCI enabled OMAP MMC driver working.

P.S. - The comparison and differences is yet to be updated on the project page-—GSOC-2014
as some more time is requested to allow me to conclude my study.
I would be updating it by tomorrow.


Saket Sinha