GSoC 2014 PyBBIO - Week 1 Status

  • Accomplished
    Wrote a C extension for sysfs entries and added it to the library.

  • This week :
    Working to debug a Stepper Motor library that agwatic contributed.
    Work on the SPI library
    change capemanager to use the C extension I previously wrote


  • Accomplished

    I wrote the I2C documentation.
    Debugged the stepper library.
    figured out the Device Tree

  • Issues

We decided to do the eQEP driver first and then the SPI.
The stepper motor driver IC I have doesn’t work so couldn’t test it although the output voltage levels were fine. Anyway we figured that sysfs for GPIO is not fast so its not priority.
Since is called only once during setup Alex said there wouldn’t be a point do a C extension for it. Anyway the unloading the overlay part is too much work with all the string manipulation.

  • Next Week

    The eQEP driver and getting started on SPI.

  • So the week after I have exams (from June 4th) so I’m not working that week since I only have a day and a half in between exams.


I had exams this week so I didn’t get anything done.

Agenda for Week 4:

  • SPI library
  • get gstreamer to work with PyBBIO
  • eQEP driver is not working so fix that (though Alex is doing that)


  • Accomplished

  • SPI library is done.

  • I figured out what to do for the camera library.

  • Issues

  • I still had 1 exam left so lost 2 days on that. But I’m done now.

  • The SPI IC I have is a surface mount. So I’ll go to college and get it running by soldering wires tomorrow.The SPI IC I have is a surface mount.- Next Week

    SPI example
    Camera Library which involves writing a program to capture the video from the driver and setting up the gstreamer pipeline


The Camera Library will look something like:

class Webcam(object):
def init(self, camera_num=0):
self.device = ‘/dev/video%i’ % camera

def saveImage(self, filename):

def startRecording(self, filename):

def stopRecording(self):

def startStreaming(self, port):

def stopStreaming(self):




Lost the week count

Last Week

Do you have the link to the final video?

Sorry, forgot these were all posted to G+ if not here.

Hello Rekha,
I would like to contribute towards the development of PyBBIO library. I can work towards feature addition and bug fixing for the library. Hope you’ll help me in my endeavor.

Sure. :slight_smile: