GSOC 2014 - Three-day unconference in San Jose, California


Nobody spoke yet about Google’s announcement for the Three-day conference in San Jose. It’s indeed a great opportunity. In case it’s still open, I’d like to request a position as one of the BeagleBoard delegates.

As a second year student for BeagleBoard and currently working on BeaglePilot (attracting quite a bit of interest), I believe i could represent BeagleBoard nicely. Furthermore, my passion for BeagleBoard made me start my own project based on the BeagleBone which has now became a start-up producing the first educational drone. (refer to Erle Robot).

In case the spots have already been decided I’d be happy to apply for the lottery.

Hey Victor,

When is the conference? I mean dates.

Just just found out. In October it is.

Thanks for bringing this up in public Victor. Without objections, I will look to turn over my seat to you and see if I can’t get TI to pay for my travel.

Thanks Jason :)!

Please keep me posted.