GSOC 2015: BoneScript web pages with live-running examples and documentation

Hello ,I am Tane Juth,student of the department of computer engineering at the Faculty of Engineering and Technology ,University of Buea,Cameroon.I am a minor ,code in javascript but have also a knowledge and understanding of C and Linux.I have checked the ideas page and I got interested in the “BoneScript web pages with live-running examples and documentation”.I studied and tried to understand most of the methods of the bonescript module from the jadonk/bone101/support/Bonescript git repository.I could not run the live demos due to the fact that I don’t have a beagle board.I have checked the web pages on and I have thought of other interesting demos to add.I will love to get the mentor’s link

isn’t there any mentioned mentor on the ideas page for the project? usually when you point to the name, you should see a little toast at the bottom of your screen showing a mailto link or stuff. the mentor’s email is surely found there.