GSOC 2016: ScratchX extension for bonescript

Hello BeagleBoard group!

I am Raghav Jajodia, and I have expressed my interest to work on ScratchX extension on the IRC Channel. I talked to Jason Kridner on IRC, but it is becoming difficult to synchronize there. Hence posting here.

Jason: Thanks for your reply for the github suggestion.
But it looks like the Bonescript.js you gave (which had setTargetAddress function) is a client side script. I have added the https support and error handling as you asked, but I couldn’t find this script in the repository (for making pull request). Can you please share the link of this script in the repository?

Raghav is a reference implementation of setTargetAddress(). It is under a github project at It is a client side script, but it is expressly for the purpose of invoking setTargetAddress() to load an ADDITIONAL client side script. is the client side script that setTargetAddress() loads. This one loads on the client and establishes the connection.

The main routine for the host side script is You’ll see it does a “require(‘…/main’)” to pull in

The https support is actually required in the server.

Thanks Jason! This is exactly what I needed!

I have created a pull request for this. Please check.
Also, since I don’t have beagleboard with me right now, I tested this script by creating a localhost server on my machine. This works fine, please verify on beagleboard too.

Hello everyone!

I have submitted the draft of my proposal for scratchx extension on the GSOC website. I will be really glad if someone could review it and suggest if any changes should be made.
Jason: Can you please review my proposal?
Here is the link for the proposal :-
Thank you for your time.

Raghav Jajodia