GSoC 2017 Idea

As a GSoC 2017, I want to done some improvement in Bone101 project :

  • improve UX
  • integrate arduino library from people shifting from arduino to beagle-board
  • just not only the tutorials for beagleboard black but also for beagleboard X-15.
  • a simulation development, so that people who don’t have beagleboard can still run the code.

I want to tell that as simulation software like proteus have arduino library , so that people who don’t have arduino can run the code on simulation software and get to know it. This is also helpful to test the code especially in the case if you think that the code can break your device. I want to work out make a library for beagleboard for such softwares.

I am interested in making more friendly to the younger generation and a helpful tool to the society by its project.
I don’t have a beagleboard, and unable to contribute much , please provide a proper path.

Best Regards
Tarun Kumar