GSOC 2017:Sonic Anemometer / Basic Weather Station

I am Naveen Saini pursuing engineering in Computer Science Stream.

As mentioned in the subject I want to contribute in developing/completing a portable Sonic Anemometer on beagleboard from the point where it was left during last GSoC of the year 2016.As far as the documentation I have read, I have understood that standard sonic anemometer deployed in research in universities, use analysis of three axis to get wind speed and direction.
In the last year project done by GSoC student, what I understood is that only a single axis analysis was created and testing was not done completely.
I would like to pick-up from last year project and would like to contribute to it, by implementing all necessary changes and developments required. As most of the skills required to complete this project are already, think I got them,
1). first of all, due to an engineering background, I have got all the required exposure in physics on this project regarding effects of various external factors like pressure, humidity,temperature etc.
2).Secondly as maintained in project idea requirements, I have worked on Arduino to create a wifi controlled Switch for electrical appliances like geyser, therefore know
Datasheet/specification reading, patch cables/breadboard, serial/debug and what I don’t know to solder could be easily learned.

3).Know C programming well, and introductory python because I mostly code in Ruby hence didn’t require python much and introductory Assembly Language due to the presence of microprocessor as a subject in the academic curriculum.

Finally, I have done required qualification task of cross compiling the “hello world” program as required by ideas page specification and would like to know what’s the current status of development in this project.

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