GSoC 2018 Integrate node-beagle-boot into


I’m Shyaman Madhawa,a third year computer engineering student from University of Peradeniya, Sri lanka.

I do have experience with nodejs and C development and some experience with Rpi. I’m very interested about the project idea of integrating node-beagle-boot into

I went through previous year GSoC project and work done by Ravi Prasad related to this. But I wasn’t able to clearly understand what should be the expected outcome of this project. Is it to develop the BeagleBoot by Ravi Prasad or else to integrate it to the app and then further develop it?

It will be very kindful if someone can clarify it for me. And suggest me some more references :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Hi Shyaman,
I had a chat with the mentor for this project Jason Kridner (IRC: jkridner). He clarified that in this project, one is supposed to integrate node-beagle-boot to the official app by submitting them pull request for same. They’ve kinda same (sort of) usb boot implemented for raspberry pi in their app. Here are some references:

  1. USB
  2. Etcher repo
  3. node-beagle-boot

I’m also working on a proposal for this project and I also encourage you to do same if you are interested. For further queries, you should better chat at #beagle-gsoc IRC channel.

Best Regards
IRC: ravikp7