GSoC 2020 Application

Hello GSoC BeagleBoard-Community,

I am really interested in working on a BeagleBoard project during this years summer of code by Google and shortly wanted to introduce myself.

My name is Niklas and I am from Kiel, Germany. I am currently enrolled in the master’s program at Kiel University of Applied Sciences and I am really interested in programming audio/media applications.
I already gathered some experience in programming an audio sampler which runs on an esp32 (
Because of that I am quite sufficient in embedded-C and C++.

I will work on a proposal tonight, which is based on the ideas of rma regarding “Porting multi-channel sound card drivers to Beagle AI” and “Real-time audio network streaming”. I will post the draft on the eLinux wiki as soon as I am finished and I will join the IRC tomorrow.

Best regards,