GSoC 2020

Hello , i am Alaa Emad , i have a good experience with embedded software and i interested in working with beaglebones project , i interested in

Cape compatibility layer for BeagleBone Black and BeagleBone AI and mikroBus driver###

i need help in timeline pleaseand create proposal i used this template

I didn’t see it when I searched Which one is your proposal? Do you know how to copy the template into a new page and create a new page on the wiki?

I created to try to simplify the explanation of the problem, but I haven’t made it very far. Please watch that page and look at any other proposals on the same topic to help with your thoughts. We typically get a pretty good feel chatting in the IRC about if a student actually understands what is in their proposal.

i start the proposal on Google Doc, but i will check the link you provide, Thank you

i will check the link, Thank you

i used google docs to create the proposal

Please share via