I am interested in working on the project Emotions Recognition in School Kids using Deep Learning and NLP with BeagleBone Black. I have made my proposal at the elinux page and you can find it here, I am currently working on the timeline. Please go through this and let me know of any changes and mentors who are available. I have also completed the tasks and the pull request, a link to which can be found on the elinux page.
Thank you

Why not use BeagleBone AI?

Are there any people in the beagleboard/#beagle community who would get value out of this as reference/component software?

I have not really worked with BeagleBone AI, so I will look into it. Also, this system can be usedfor similar means for the beagle community as mentioned in the benefits section of the proposal and they could also use this as a base for other recognition algorithms that can be used in other AI projects of similar means.