GSoC 2021 Contribution interest

Hello all,

My name is Jakub Duchniewicz and I am interested in participating in this year’s GSoC edition. I am currently doing my masters at UTU Finland and KTH Stockholm in Embedded Systems with a strong focus on robotics and AI applications.

I have some experience with open source (including building a game engine and contributing to the Rust programming language).

I am most interested in the topic of YOLO models on the X15/AI and I have some tentative approaches I would like to discuss before the application. Also I am interested in Audio in Linux OS as I have some previous experience with creating a synthesizer using FPGA and creating a kernel driver for it.

Thanks for providing this opportunity!

Hi Jakub,

Can you expand on what your approaches to the YOLO models may be?

Interested students should try to talk to mentors on the IRC #beagle-gsoc


I have two main ideas concerning this project. First of all I am thinking of using the TIDL library to deploy the YOLO models (probably it is possible to deploy both the tiny and regular ones given the computing power of the BBAI). The library already makes use of the OpenCL behind the facade of API, so tweaking the OpenCL by hand is not necessary (albeit possible).
Secondly, this project might be an entry to a extensible interface for using custom deployed models on the BBAI. For now TIDL is limited to CNNs and in future they plan to support more ANN types which would require further implementation from the BB developer community. Hence, the idea of a background implementation which will be specialized for the YOLO models.

These ideas are still quite fresh but from my research about the project and TIDL library it seems like they are implementable. What do you think? I have already introduced myself on the IRC so please feel free to contact me wherever it suits you.

Kind regards,
Jakub Duchniewicz