GSoC - 2022: Interested in contributing


I am interested in contributing to GSoC 2022, and I hope it’s not too late! I test embedded software for a living, and I am interested in moving to embedded development. I am interested in contributing to open source projects on embedded platforms, and gain some coding experience along the way. I have a BeagleBoard-xM that I have been playing around with and I would love to explore more projects that I could work on and I contribute to. I am particularly interested in communication protocols, networking and network protocols, and bootup protocols, but I am open to working on any projects in the embedded/RTOS space.

I have written about my experiments with BeagleBoard here:

Github: arunvijayshankar (arunvijayshankar) / Repositories · GitHub

Please do let me know if I there are any projects that I can join and contribute to.

Thank you, and regards,
Arun Vijayshankar