GSoC 21 - Interested in contributing: BELA platform

Hi everyone!

My name is Leo Aimone, I’m a sound engineering graduate and a current Master student at Queen Mary University of London in Sound of Music Computing.

For the past year, I have been working with the Beaglebone and more specifically the Bela cape for various audio processing projects in C++. Working on a day to day basis with oscilloscopes, wether for analog or digital signals, certain features such as time division plotting, auto-set amplitude and frequency or XY positioning are essential features to facilitate working with signals

Having tinkered previously with the Bela web browser IDE to propose a Dark Mode option, I would really love to contribute to the platform by undertaking the Browser-based workbench project. Having a full-fledged virtual workbench added to the Bela would be a great addition for every audio tinkerer.

I have joined the #beagle-gsoc @laimonade.

Thank you.

Best wishes,

that sounds interesting. I recently came across this which may be relevant (at least for inspiration) for the “Browser-based simulation of common analog and digital inputs (buttons, potentiometers etc.) and outputs (e.g. LEDs” part:

What is your skillset?

Great, thank you @giuliomoro , this is actually quite impressive! My skillset is quite varied but not extensive, some embedded Python and C++ and I have build a few web based interfaces using HTML,CSS and JS (node.js). My lack of experience is usually compensated by my hyper determination to make cool stuff :blush:

Hi Leo, thanks for your interest in contributing to the idea.
Please discuss the idea with the possible mentors - giuliomoro or any mentors on the #beagle-gsoc channel so that you know what is to be achieved in the project, what are the milestones, how to approach the problem, etc. And accordingly use this template to create a eLinux proposal page
BeagleBoard/GSoC/2021ProposalTemplate - to get feedback on it. For the final submission, you would save the eLinux page as PDF and submit it on the GSoC site.

the proposal submission time is coming up quickly, you’ll want to have a look at some of the work in progress ones (e.g.:
) and more in general the main page and BeagleBoard/GSoC/Ideas-2021 -

and start working on your own proposal

Hi @laimonade We have mentors standing by to assist you in getting your proposal in final form and up on the GSOC web page. **** Deadline for the GSOC is today - All proposals must be submitted by April 13, 2021 13:00 (Central Daylight Time). **** The draft you have started on the eLinux page is shaping up, but needs more detail. You can look at the other proposals to get an idea of how to fill out some of those sections. Category:GSoCProposal2021 - Please join us in the chat room to assist you

Hi @cwicks , thank you for contacting me. Unfortunately, I took the decision yesterday to withdraw my candidature for this year’s GSoC as the deadline has ended up to be too short for me… I have noticed @giuliomoro. Sorry about this and now that I know about the GSoC, I will be able to prepare myself more in advance for next year! Best of luck to the participants & mentors and thank you for your help.

@laimonade thank you for letting us know - please join us in a more informal capacity if you can this summer by participating as you can with BELA on your own project. We love to have you post and discuss even with no GSOC attachment to the project. I would be happy to support new projects with BELA and would be happy if you would post a project here Please reach out to the beagle and bela community and you’ll find support and encouragement!

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Perfect that sounds great, I will definitely do projects with Bela over the summer and post on the beagle forum, thank you for the links :smiley: