GSoC 21 Is my idea in dialogue with your projects?

Hi, I’m Fernanda.
I had an idea of a project, but I couldn’t understand if it fits your ideal project.
I thought that maybe it fits in Makecode Arcade for PocketBeagle GamePup but I’m not sure.
I want to create a code that enables the use of midi in a typewriter (like to produce a typewriter instrument). With the midi control created, I want to relate the notes that are played to their “equivalent” color and make the typewriter have the option of printing colors besides letters, using the color spectrum, so the music played produces an art.
I thought of maybe creating this inside the Makecode Arcade as music and arts are good educational tools and it could be used for other games related to music, art, programming and physics. Like “play the song right” and you’ll have the painting of your music.
So, my question is: is this something you would like to be developed?
I don’t have much experience, but I willing to learn to make it possible.
Thank you

We want to avoid “senior project” style projects. Our goal is not to provide technology demonstrations, but rather create reusable software components.

Maybe you can look at some of the Bela ideas on to see if any of those are of interest.

Perhaps there’s something that can be done between Makecode Arcade and Bela? The specific wiring of a typewriter wouldn’t be GSoC-suitable, but providing open source libraries to help turn physical events to MIDI within Bela and consuming MIDI events in Makecode Arcade on a PocketBeagle GamePup sound like nice reusable software components people can learn from.