GSoC Announcement: Google Summer of Code 2019 is on - 15 years of GSoC!

I'm going to try to find some time in the next week or two to start
the ideas page. Let's make some fun and useful ones.

I think we should do some fun stuff around:
* deep learning (TIDL on X15)
* autonomous robots with ArduPilot
* wireless sensor networks (we've got LoRA and/or CC13x hardware)
* open source PLC software
* low-latency audio (
* car hacking (macchina)
* LED lighting (Falcon Player, PocketScroller, etc.)
* self-hosted services (Freedombone)
* MikroElectronika click board manifests for the Greybus simulator
(instead of device tree overlays)
* learning tools like BlockyTalky3 and Makecode
* more on penetration testing

What can we do fun around kernel hacking? I'm really thinking there is
a lot of fun around Greybus to have. Perhaps enabling soft PRU
peripherals with Greybus manifests to make them dynamic?

What are the types of projects you'd like to see? Be thinking about
this when I ping you again in a couple of weeks with the new ideas
page up.