GSoC application

Hi my name is Daniel Garcia
i posted my project proposal on the elinux BeagleBoard web.
what is the next step that i should take?

Hello Daniel. To post your project proposal, you need to create a new page on the elinux wiki with your proposed topic and project schedule. Please do not edit the “BeagleBoard/GSoC/Ideas” page to add your idea unless specifically asked to. The “Ideas” page that you edited is a place for the mentors to post their ideas for projects that the students can use as a base for their own proposals. It should not be edited by students.

Begin by copying the template page on the wiki to a new page of your own:

Once you have the template on your new page, fill it out to the best of your ability. The more information and detail you can provide, the better. Then, post your link to the page here and on the #beagle-gsoc IRC channel. This will enable the mentors to review your proposal and give you feedback.


thanks a lot!

Wouldn’t hurt once you posted your project to elinux to reply to this thread with the URL.