GSoC Application

Hello Beagleboard-GSoc-Community,

I am really interested in working on a Beagleboard project during this years summer of code and wanted to shortly introduce myself.

My name is Niklas and I am currently enrolled in the master’s course information engineering at Kiel University of Applied Sciences in Germany.
I am really interested in developing audio/media applications, especially in combination with microcontrollers. Last year I already worked on an open source project called the Strämpler ( There we implemented an audio sampler on an esp32 microcontroller. With the help of this project I was able to further strengthen my C and embedded programming skills, which I will definitely need to work on a potential beagle bone GSoC project.

Because I am really interested in audio/media applications I wrote a proposal on the eLinux wiki which can be found here:
My proposal is based on the two ideas proposed by rma and it should allow the Beaglebone AI to be used in media ip streaming applications in the future, using the AVB protocol stack.

I will join the group chat today for the weekly meeting.

Best regards,

Niklas, Robert,

I’d like to see at least a request-for-comment post to upstream by milestone #8. I worry that saving any communication to the upstream list until the end means that none of the concerns brought up on the list will get addressed in the timeframe of Niklas’ GSoC work. I brought this up in yesterday’s IRC meeting, but don’t see it reflected in the latest timeline updates.


Hello Jason,

I updated my proposal and added the following points:

  • added rfc for mainline kernel patch to milestone #8
  • added hdmi out for users who don’t own CTAG Face 2|4 cape
  • added references
  • described practical use cases, and why an implementation with Beaglebone AI would be beneficial

I hope you are satisfied with my changes. Please let me know if you have further requests for any changes.

Best regards,

Hey Jason,

I have a question regarding the Beagleboard AI. Does it support using PTP for hardwaretimestamping? This is needed for the AVB specification to synchronize communicating devices


I think so.

Can you check out and summarize?

I watched the video and summarized it here:

Regarding PTP support on the AI I found this resource:

While reading I found out, that AM572x chips support PTP Ordinary Clock. So there should be no problem.