GSOC Idea : Extending bard(Beagle Android Remote Display) with support for keyboard and mouse input and sound

I am Prabash, a software engineering student from Sri Lanka and I am really interested to be a part of the bard project and extending it to support keyboard and mouse input as well as sound output so that an android device alone, could be used to setup/control a beagleboard which would be really convenient to users who are just starting off.

I also have the idea of adding the ability to flash the beagleboard via the android app, so that bard can be transformed into a beagleboard helper app, which would allow users to get up and running with a beagleboard with just an android phone.

I am currently in the process of setting up a build environment for bard after which, i will attempt to compile the existing project to work on my rooted galaxy S2. I am also reading up on Linux kernel drivers and android open accessory protocol, so that i can get a better idea on how to proceed and so that i can give a more technical description on how to actually implement the above features

Any advice/suggestion are greatly appreciated

Hello Prabash,

Refer to the project docs. If you have any specific questions, we are here to help.

There is an existing project for flashing BB from Android. Refer and

Hey praveen,
So i spent the last few days reading up on bard (i.e linux kernel drivers, android open accessory mode) and studied the source a bit. As i had finished setting up a build environment, i set about getting bard running between my desktop (with Xubuntu 14.04) and my phone (Rooted Galaxy S2 with CM12 5.0.2). I was able to compile the android app and the linux drivers without any problems (although some warning were presented when trying to compile udlfb). however after insmodding the drivers and connecting my phone, which went into accessory mode and launched bard, a fb device was not setup.

Here is the dmesg log

and some details about the environment (i.e phone and pc)