[GSoC Mentors] GSoC 2013 Mentors/Org Admins: "Pencils Down" and Final Evaluation Dates Approaching

Hi there,

This is a friendly reminder that Monday, 16 September is our soft “pencils down” date. We suggest that students have completed their projects by this date and spend a week writing documentation and wrapping up their projects. We require that students stop all coding on 23 September.

Monday, 23 September at 19:00 UTC is also when final evaluations open. Please consider this your reminder to submit your final evaluation by 27 September at 19:00 UTC so that you don’t delay your students’ final payments or possibly jeopardize your organization’s attendance at the mentor summit.

I have updated the code submission guidelines [0] and posted it on Melange for your reference. Code submission begins once students have received a passing grade on their final evaluations (after 27 September). The deadline is 11 October. One question students ask a lot is what portion of their code to submit if they made changes to an existing code base or their code interacts a lot with a system they didn’t write. The answer is: use your best discretion. Have them submit the code that makes the most sense from a user’s perspective. If students need help with code submission they should contact the Melange team at melange-soc-dev@googlegroups.com.

I have posted the questions for the final evaluations below as well for your reference.

[0] - http://www.google-melange.com/gsoc/document/show/gsoc_program/google/gsoc2013/codeguidelines