GSoc Project, creating a micro powered Erlang based cluster.


I am Computer Science undergrad in India. I am applying for a project
with BeagleBoard under Goole summer of code 2010.

I have already worked with distributed computing, offloading the work
from the CPU to the GPU. Thus, I found the project "Creating a micro
powered Erlang based cluster" quite interesting. I has some queries
regarding the same :

1. The project Lopec mentioned does not have a wiki page or a blog
page ? I only see source code in the link given, also googling gave no
better results.

2. Examples have to be written to run on a "set" of beagleboards, how
big is this set, because I currently do not have any beagleboards, how
many do I have to get ?

3. "What will project's impact be on community ?"

         As far a I think, this project will highlight beagleboards
capability of performance computing when working in clusters with an
ultra low power foot print. Also, as we know the future is cloud
computing, BeagleBoard will make a strong presence felt if we complete
this project and publish the results. System-on-chip might become a
good alternative for enterprises who want to provide employees with a
low cost computing solution, on which they could occasionally do power
computing by making clusters within their office environments.

I request you to give your valuable inputs to point no. 3 above, as it
is mandatory for completing the GSOC application. Also, please guide
me regarding issues 1 and 2 above.


Ashish Shubham
Senior Undergraduate
IIT Kharagpur

Ashish - are you receiving response from the mentors off board/email
or through the RSS?
I'd like to make sure you are getting the assistance you need