GSoC project idea - BBB, Pebble and Google Glass

Hello there,

My name is Kristina Gancheva and I currently study Informatics at Hanze University, the Netherlands. It’s my last year before graduating, so I hope to participate in GSoC. From all announced project ideas, the Android-based remote display and keyboard project really grabbed my attention and inspired me to come up with my own project idea! So this is it.

What about developing a software that allows BBB to communicate directly with Pebble watch and Google Glass? Actually there will be two software applications needed, one for each device. Both of the applications are possible to develop since Google and Pebble offer development kits. It will be real fun to try doing something like that. :slight_smile:

These two applications could be used as an example or a base for developing variety of other applications or upgrading some existing ones. For example, the project OpenROV can be upgraded with a functionality allowing people to see what the robot cameras “see” while wearing Google Glass. Or another example, the project Home Energy Monitor can use Pebble for sending notifications to the users that their furnace is still on. I can think of a lot more examples and that’s the reason why I believe that the BBB society can just benefit from such a project!

I will be glad to hear all your approvals and objections for this project idea!


Hello again,

I was too excited and a bit chaotic while explaining my project idea :slight_smile: and that’s why I will try to give you here some details about how I plan to develop the software and test it, and in general why it is a feasible project.

  1. Google offers GDK which is actually Android based so developing on any Android development tool is possible.

  2. There is no official Glass emulator yet, but the content shown by Google Glass can be previewed with the help of Google Mirror API Playground. There is also one promising unofficial emulator.

  3. Pebble offers SDK for developing and testing of Pebble applications.

  4. BBB running any Linux distribution can use this Python library to communicate directly with Pebble.

So generally, I don’t see or expect (from a software developer point of view) any big problems during the development of the both software applications.
On basis of the above and on basis of my experience in Android development and Python (+ sufficient knowledge of C), I am sure that I can manage such a project for the given time.

Where my knowledge is lacking is actually in using BBB! For this I will count on help from you guys.


1) your project should limit itself to either glass or pebble.

2) Pebble offers an SDK, but have you made sure it allows 3rd party hosts to talk to the Pebble? all I know you can write 3rd party apps that then talk to the Pebble app.

3) do you have Google Glass? how would you test your project if not?

4) you need to add a bit more meat to your proposal, just a "SW to communicate" is not enough