GSoC Project Idea: Minix Drivers for BeagleBone Black


I would be happy to mentor Thomas. I have been around the Beagle community for a while. I believe I saw the first BeagleBoard at LinuxTag 2008. it’s been 5 years already. I Have done quite a few projects related to the OMAP both in my free and paid time. These project ranged from enabling JTAG (OpenOCD) on the OMAP’s to doing Android ports. In the last year I have been working on the MINIX 3 ARM BeagleBoard port and more recently on the BeagleBone.

I also have been involved with GSoC as part of the Maemo community. For short Thomas is a very good student (with an excellent track record) and I have both the time and skills monitor him.

I am also curious what others think. (specially with regard to the BeagleBoard community). more Idea’s are welcome!


Given your consistent history of supporting community development, you know you have my support in participating in GSoC. Please make sure you apply as a mentor on melange.