GSoC proposal for node-webkit getting started app


My name is Yurij, I’m the last year Russian (I live in Germany till the 30rd of April because of my internship in Claas) student.

I’m experienced in node.js server application development (also a maintainer of several npm.js modules) and I want to work in BeagleBoard team on node-webkit based cross-platform getting-started app as a part of Google Summer of Code. I’m also experienced in C++ development, which may be useful in case of developing node.js low-level platfrom-specific modules. I also have some experience in HTML5, CSS3 and client JS (worked with jQuery and AngularJS).

Getting started app seems clear for me. I am familiar with cross-compiling, I also have an ability to test and develop application on all three platforms (Linux, OS X and Windows).

This is my curriculum vitae:

Here is my first attempt to take a part in GSoC. So, I’m happy to hear all the tips. Do I have the opportunity to work on this project as part of Google Summer of Code and what I should do to achieve this?