GSOC proposal

Hi my name is Daniel and have done my proposal, you can check it here:
pls check if everything its ok and interesting or if it needs some tweaks or changes in the proposal.
what should i do next?

When you make your proposal, you should answer the following questions:

  1. What problem does your proposal help solve?
  2. How does it benefit the community?
  3. Are you improving an existing process? Is there an existing process? Are you adding more tests to increase test coverage? Automating a manual process? Something else?

You should be reaching out to mentors on IRC to ask questions about existing test issues (coverage, automation, etc.) and then make sure that your proposal addresses these issues in a way that is useful to For example, your proposal mentions having a full set of bootloader test cases (June 15). What does this offer over the current bootloader tests?

The Linux kernel codebase is very large. How do you propose to provide a “full set of testcases for the Linux kernel” (June 22)? Are you planning on testing BeagleBoard-specific drivers and subsystems? If so, how? The bulk of your technical work takes place between June 1 and July 17. What can you reasonably get completed during that time? Be specific.

In summary, use your proposal to show us where has an issue that you can help with. Use quotes from the mentors in IRC to support your case. Investigate how existing solutions are inadequate or incomplete. Propose a solution that addresses and improves upon those solutions. Be as detailed as you can, both in what you will deliver and when you will deliver it.