GSoC: Request to integrate PRU API project with upstream package repository


This is regarding GSoC project with to create a user-space API to control the BeagleBone PRUs. ‘jkridner’ and I were discussing about how to get the code integrated and if it is easy for you to install it into a permanent position.

The debian package for the API “pruapi_1.0-1_armhf.deb” is present in the releases page on GitHub:

The package was made using ‘checkinstall’ to install using dpkg:
Makefile on which checkinstall was used:

To test the package’s installation I have put a ‘userspace.o’ object file in /usr/bin which loads ‘am335x-pru1-fw’ firmware from the same directory and starts the PRU. The firmware is a RPMsg helloworld program.
I have tested the installation for the cpp-library(pruss.h, libpruss.a) by compiling using “g++ userspace.cpp -L/usr/lib -lpruss”.
In this way, every component of the package is tested.

The development was done and tested on kernel version “4.14.71-ti-r80” on BeagleBone Black.
The code for the repository is present here:

Please let me know if I need to make any changes and if this package can be integrated.


Pratim Ugale