GSOC'13 sysfs entried for IIO and PWM

The dropbox page appears to be empty now. The request is for a github pull request. I suggest following up with that.

Did any of the ideas on the ideas page appeal to you?

My apologies for forgetting about the subject line in my reply. Do you have any experience with the Linux kernel?

Sorry, that dropbox link got deleted unknowingly. I have update the screenshot in github also ( I am interested in working on “Sysfs entries for IIO/PWM”. I don’t have experience on Linux kernel. But, I have used GPIO in Raspberry PI and worked with microcontrollers (8051, Arduino, ARM Cortex M3), I have prior experience in building robots with 8051, AVR micorcontrollers and interfaced motors and real time sensors (thermal, IR, GPS and fuel sensors) [1].

Thanks! Note that part of the task is submitting the pull request on github for the source.

      I have been accepted for Master's Program in University of
Wisconsin-Madison for Fall'13. As accepted students can participate in
GSoC, I was interested in it. I will enter United States with F1 Visa
by August. After consulting with my University's ISS I came to know
that I do not have work permit in US during August-September. So, I
cannot participate in this GSoC Edition. I was planning to work on
adding sysfs entries for IIO and PWM. I would like to thank all the
people who helped me with my doubts in mailing list
and IRC.
     Since I am not eligible for GSoC, If that project will not be
assigned to any student,I am happy to work on it. I am also interested
in working on other new projects also.

Dinesh Rathinasamy Thangavel.