GSoC2013 - Need suggestions on proposal "Bonescript web pages with live-running examples and documentation"

Hi All,

I’m a student from Beijing, China, now is a first-year graduate majoring in Computer Science. I’m familiar with Open Source Community, using Linux and experienced in C/C++, participated in a Robot contest called ABU Robocon for 10 months, mainly in charge the control of Robot using uCOS II and kind of experienced about embedded system.
I have created a proposal on GSoC 2013 site and link is

Attached file is the text version of the proposal, you can also refer to it.

I have set up a repository for the project on github and have already begun working on it, the link is
Now I need some discussion about the goals(what demos are expected, thanks to koen, he gives me some hints on our IRC channel) and the timeline and also about the question "If your project is successfully completed, what will its impact be on the community? ", looking forward to your suggestions.

You can reach me via


GSoC2013-beaglebone-proposal-hustcalm.txt (5.34 KB)

Please see the feedback given to you on a parallel thread.