GTK GUI w/ C, no border/decorations through VNC headless

Hi All,
I’ve searched for the past few days but can’t find a solution to this.
I just received a BBB and am running the Anstrom that came with it (Linux beaglebone 3.8.13)
I’ve gotten X11VNC up and running with the anstrom-x11vnc-xinit package
I installed gtk+3-dev
I did an opkg update and upgrade
I can compile c files with GTK included and used some examples to try to create a GTK GUI (

Problem: when the GTK window appears, it has no borders or titlebar, and borders and title bars dissapear from all the other windows until the GTK GUI is exited. Who do I fix this?


You need a windows manager
try matchbox ?

My personal suggestion

Use Qt5 + wayland

Did you find a solution because I’m having the same issue with GTK 2.0

Borders are normaly created by the Windowmanager.
Do you have the same problem with normal xprogramms say xclock ?


No, everything seems normal, but windows create by GTK are missing borders and title bars.