GUI Application using TkInter over SSH

I want to create a GUI application based on cutsomtkinter or tkinter and run it over SSH.

I tried this but was getting no DISPLAY error.

Is this possible?

You probably need to do something like

export DISPLAY=:0

before running the program

I tried that but it gave me another error saying: Cannot connect to display=“:0.0”

Is the BBB already logged in, as the user you are ssh’ing in as, and showing the desktop when you try to run the program ?

If it is showing the login manager screen, I don’t think it will work.

If the BBB is already up and running, if you have a keyboard attached, you could try opening a console window directly and doing echo $DISPLAY to see what it has set.

Thank you sir for the help. Unfortunately, I’m using the PocketBeagle. Can it still work or it’s not possible at all?

I know I have BBB in the tag even though I’m using the Pocketbeagle. My intention was that since the processor and most things are same, it would be appropriate to add BBB in the tags.

Hi, run ssh with -X flag

ssh -X username@hostname

but first you should enable Xforwarding in the Bbone sshd server settings.


Does the pocket beagle have X11 installed ?

SSH. -x forwards the display to the ssh host.

Not sure if that is what is wanted

In order to run

ssh -X ...

the pocket has to have a graphic display. Install the frame buffer

sudo apt install xserver-xorg-video-fbdev