GUI program how to/examples

I am researching the beaglebone black. I’m not a very good programmer, but I am a fairly advanced linux user. I have done some programming, mostly scripting and high level/easy languages. Any serious programming that I did was a long time ago in languages that are probably not relevant.

I see that it is at least possible to make a GUI interface for a program that will display on the HDMI using QT. I’m not sure if that is the only/best way to do this. For what I would like to do, even a web interface would probably be adequate.

Is there any hope for me? Would my life be easier on a RPi?

No, using a different platform wont make your life easier. With that said, id recommend at least searching youtube for QT tutorials, and follow them on the PC. The concept is exactly the same.

Actually, looks like bonescript web pages may be just what I was looking for