guvcview -* /dev/video1 and/or another type listed... and mini DP to HDMI cable...


I am late to the party. It seems that the CSI-2 ports to the BBAI-64 have already been accomplished…

Are there specific instances or uses that can be used outside of programming via v4l?

I have been looking loosely for now on specifics. Also…

I have a startech MDP2HDMM1MB cable (mini DP to HDMI). I cannot get a screen showing just yet.


P.S. I guess my plight here is to get video up and running and then try to get that video on the screen via the cable. Anyway, off to search ideas again.


I found decoding needs be done in h.264 and /dev/media0 or /dev/media1 may as well work but my commands are a bit off for now.

Would I need to program to make the codec work or would I need both a command and a script to handle the /dev/media0 file?

I guess a little background would help me. So, I will research some more and try to see if I can get the HDMI to mini DP cable adjusted properly from the BBAI-64 to the Screen w/ this startech cable in the meantime.


The cable is passive and not active. Blah.