Hardware availablility


in Germany (and as it seems in Europe in general) there is currently no BeagleBone Black available, all distributors listed on BBB home page ran out of hardware and are not able to sell one single piece.

So: what is the schedule for shipping new boards, when could be new BBBs available in nameable amounts?


As I am sure you are aware, we are shipping boards every day as indicated by the daily updates I make to the Wiki,.

We have shipped a total 122,700 boards to date.

February 2014 Shipments…6,250
January 2014 Shipments…13,575
December 2013 Shipments…7,192
November 2013 Shipments…9,298
October 2013 Shipments…7,698

We are not in control of how many boards that each distributors sells and to whom. If they sell 250 or 500 boards to one person or company, it may be a long time before you see boards in stock. We have no idea in most cases how deep the backlog is at each distributor. Some tell us, others do not.


Oh...not really...where can I find these statistics?


On the support Wiki.



curious as to how these numbers compare to previous versions of


Not even close… We made the schedule based on the weekly run rate from the distributors and scheduled parts in to meet that schedule. Most of them do not want to hold a lot of inventory. So now we are trying to accelerate the delivery of parts which is not easy to do. All we need is one missing part to shut us down.