Has anyone tried setting up wifi direct on Beaglebone Black wireless?

Hi all,
I noticed that the wifi chip on BBB wireless WL1835 from TI supports wifi direct, I am wondering if anyone has any success configuring and setting up a wifi direct link between BBB wireless and a PC? I have searched online but couldn’t find much information regarding this. Thanks in advance.

Well the default image does this already..

Power up your BBBW..

From your pc, scan for a "BeagleBone-WXYZ" ssid, connect into teh
Beagle, then while inside the Beagle, use connmanctr and connect to a
2nd Access point..


Hi Robert,
Thanks for your reply. My BBB wireless is indeed running the default image debian 4.4. As you said, out of box after the beagle is powered it acts as an access point (wifi tether mode) and I can connect my PC to it. However, my issue with this is I have to disable wifi tether in connmanctl in order to connect my beagle to a second AP, with wifi tether on, my BBB wireless is unable to find any wifi services with the scan wifi command, with wifi tether off, my BBB no longer acts as an AP and my PC can no longer access it via its local wifi. Do you know a way that I can have both wifi tether and connect to a second AP at the same time? This is actually why I am exploring the wifi direct option, from my understanding it is peer to peer wifi which is different from tether mode. Hopefully my explanation makes sense to you.
Thanks again!

Yes, that was a bug in the November 2016 snapshot. We fixed that like
a week later... But the damage had been done, as it was teh shipping

Feel free to grab anything newer:




Thanks so much for your help Robert!
I will upgrade my kernel and give it a try.